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How To De-stress Yourself

I have feeling a little stressed this couple of days with all the sudden ‘team leader’ in the project. Since the release of the alpha version is October 1st, we have to put extra on extra effort to get the test plan and bug reports done.

And I feel that my head is a little heavy in the morning and quite heavy after work. So how do I chill and release the tension?

I joined my friends for dinner after convincing myself that I need to get out and talk and there always make me laugh. And it does works wonderfully. When I stepped home after the dinner, I do feel much better. And I had dinner again with them tonight, another enjoyable one! ;)

Generous Manager

My manager is a very generous man as he likes to belanja us makan (treat us foods) from time to time. I’ve just transferred to this department for less than 3 months and he treated us at least 4 times (if memory serves me right, it is not very efficient recently, u know)!

Today he treated us some snacks (junk food) and also cornetto ice cream~ And he will be treating us a good lunch somewhere next week as we managed to get the financial module under control after a professional test. ^.^

Am I lucky or what?! Having a good manager makes me not like leaving this company. So I am still here, not motivated enough to leave, but not loyal enough to deny any offer that might come in the future~ ;)



I am extremely sleepy at work today as I haven’t had a good sleep for the past week. Yesterday midnight, the electricity went off again and I woke up a while, feeling so hot but slept back as too sleepy. And find it so difficult to get up in the morning. Maybe time for me to take a spoon of Dome every night. Anyway this morning I was glad to remind myself it is Friday again! For the past few days, I’ve been waiting and counting patiently for this day..


Last Friday after work, when I was so looking forward for my weekend, I overheard two ladies conversation in the Putra LRT train. One sighed and said “Two more days are Monday again..” *sigh*


I was like, “what the..” Today is only Friday and just right after work! How optimistic can a person be?

Angel On Her Back

There’s this lady in my office that is very well known by most of my colleagues (around 400 of us in the company). Well, she’s neither very pretty nor very sociable. But yet she has something that stand out that makes her easily remembered. Guess what?!?

She has this cute little angel with wing blowing colourful stars, on her left shoulder blade at the back! And she likes to wear spaghetti straps top that reveals that cute tattoo of hers~ Every time she’s standing or walking in front of me, I can’t help admiring the colourful tattoo!

But hey, getting one for myself? Errr, well, I think it just ain’t time yet. Maybe someday I’ll seriously think about it.


Working On Shift!

Its Thursday morning at 10.55am and I am still at home! No, I am not on MC or on leave! I am perfectly well! And I am happy to be at home.

Actually for these 3 days I am working on shift at 1pm to 10pm.. I really enjoy it as I have morning time, which is the best time of the day for myself at home. I hope I can do it more often. =)

I just cleaned the floor, my room, going to have a nice hairwash and enjoy me-time. =)

Just hope I am not too exhausted after work later. =)

Looking Around..

Rather restless at work, not too much work to do and the work is rather boring too. I am doing documentation for the project I am doing, for godsake! It is actually more of how-to-do-it document and it reminds me of my documentation task in my previous job.

So, meanwhile, I am sort of looking around, if you get what I mean. Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best and at the same time, keeping my expectation real low.. ^.^ Anyway, the office is really cold these days and I could barely type with freezing fingers. I wish I have some heated gloves to keep my fingers and palm warm and comfortable. It doesn’t helps that the sun is shining so brightly outside.

Wish me luck!

Frustrating Research

It’s finally Saturday! I have been waiting for it for five slow days! I felt that this week was especially hard to go through as I am doing some futile research which is really quite frustrating, not getting the result I want and wasted a lot of time. It makes me lost my appetite at lunch and I believe the effect is as good as taking ephedra!

Anyway, let’s just forget work for a couple of days and pick it up again on Monday. :)