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Wedding Invitation~

My ex-colleague which I hardly keep in touch since I left the company around 4 months ago invited us in a chat room in MSN today. She asked us to meet up for drinks or dinner and I knew her plan.

She is getting married and wanna give us the wedding dinner invitation card! But with 5 of us and different schedules, we couldn’t meet up one a single day. We probably need to have to gathering as some are busy with work and other are flying off somewhere soon!

Well, finally, I’ll see them tomorrow for lunchie~

Andy Lau Marrying Carol Zhu


Finally, the four Heavenly Star of Hong Kong, Andy Lau is getting married to his long time girlfriend of 17 years, Carol Zhu from Malaysia. Is it for real this time?

The rumour has it that they will tie the knot on Carol Chu’s 43rd birthday on the coming 6th April. The heartthrob promised to break the news to the public when he is ready to settle down.

I guess it is time for him to settle down and start a family!

By the way,

Carol Zhu Liqian is the second runner-up in a beauty contest in 1985 which was the year they met.
Carol Zhu and Andy Lau