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Going for vacation?

With the recent gloomy economy, instead of retrenchment to cut the company’s cost, we are encourage to clear our annual leave. I am not sure how it can help in cutting cost but if that is all we are required to do, I am glad to be on holiday instead of pay cut or retrenchment.

However I wish I have the extra dough and can afford to go for Vegas vacation like some of my colleagues. But I guess I’ll make use of the holiday to rest and visit my family.

Travel Fair coming

The travel fair is here again soon!! However, this year, I decided not to travel to anywhere although I really love to travel a lot! My expenses has gone up by at least 26% after I took a car loan. Sucks.. And since that, I felt financially broke.

Well, before this, I wasn’t really concern about my financial even though I did not have a lot of savings but I have enough to spend and it is quite comfortable as my expenses wasn’t quite high. But now, I am looking of ways to find side incomes and even trying to invest in unit trust. And aye, financial is really important, especially for a gal ;)


Yay! I finally sold off my tour package through the online auctions yesterday! It is so tempting that I might what to do it again.

I have been trying to sell it through forum for over 2 months. Although I received a lot of questions and interest, I have no serious buyer!

Now I finally sold it at 10% lower than my original price, at least I could get it off my hands and have no worries about it anymore! ;)