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I Am Tired

Lately I realized that there isn’t much of personal time for myself. I guess I have been stretching myself too far at work and have been putting on extra hours. Sometimes after work, I catch up with my friends and have dinner with them after work.

For example, I come home around 10.45pm and I have to shower and get some chores done before hitting the bed. There isn’t much time for myself for quality personal time. I don’t even have time to look at the new insurance that my friend proposed.

Looks like I need better time management or else I’ll get too tired and grouchy!

Why Do You Have Tired and Dry Eyes

My eyes are getting very dry again these couple of days. Perhaps I have used too much computer and stare too much at the monitor.

Suzzane is right,I blinked too little and focus too much on the screen for such a long period of time. It is very bad for my eyes and make them dry and tired!

Well, weekend is coming and I hope I would spend less time with the computer during weekend. Maybe watch the downloaded movies that I have?