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My many stationaries

My colleague marvels at the number of stationeries I have on my cubicle. I’d like to have my own colourful highlighters, scissors, ruler, stapler, mechanical pencil and even safety knife! In my previous company, I even have my own box cutter as I used it often.

But the one thing I hate is to have my colleagues borrowing my stationary without ever returning them back!

Working On Shift!

Its Thursday morning at 10.55am and I am still at home! No, I am not on MC or on leave! I am perfectly well! And I am happy to be at home.

Actually for these 3 days I am working on shift at 1pm to 10pm.. I really enjoy it as I have morning time, which is the best time of the day for myself at home. I hope I can do it more often. =)

I just cleaned the floor, my room, going to have a nice hairwash and enjoy me-time. =)

Just hope I am not too exhausted after work later. =)

Looking Around..

Rather restless at work, not too much work to do and the work is rather boring too. I am doing documentation for the project I am doing, for godsake! It is actually more of how-to-do-it document and it reminds me of my documentation task in my previous job.

So, meanwhile, I am sort of looking around, if you get what I mean. Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best and at the same time, keeping my expectation real low.. ^.^ Anyway, the office is really cold these days and I could barely type with freezing fingers. I wish I have some heated gloves to keep my fingers and palm warm and comfortable. It doesn’t helps that the sun is shining so brightly outside.

Wish me luck!

Knowledge Transfer, done!

The knowledge transfer is over! Took about 1 hour as planned. Initially it was a little too quiet and serious and I guess some participants got a little bored. But as it goes, another participant keep asking question and we were trying out different scenario and playing around with the system together.

There was more interaction and it got more interesting. I added a little humor to ease the tension and everyone was more eager. After that I gave them 5 questions to answer to test their knowledge and discussed the questions afterward.

Overall, I am happy with the knowledge transfer session. But one thing to be improved, which is making a summary at the end of the session; a too-late-suggestion from one of the participants. =)