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Yesterday I received a meeting request for another project kick off for today. I was rather flustered as the project that I am doing has just started and now they want to start another project. How do I handle two huge projects at the same time?!?

Anyway, by 2pm today, I went into the meeting room at 2pm with BS (my colleague who happened to handle this new project with me). But nobody arrived yet so I went to washroom again. Then I went back to the meeting room but again nobody came!!! Only BS was there. Suppose to be 11 people involved in this meeting. Where was the rest?!? I was a little impatient with their punctuality.

So I walked over to another colleague desk who was supposed in this new project too. I asked her was the kick off meeting supposed to be today? She looked at me strangely and told me that kick off is in 24th May!!! Not April!!!

Ooohh.. I felt my face was turning red and thanked her. Then I quickly went back to the meeting room to let BS know and collect my book and water bottle. *shy and blur* Then I walked as if nothing happened back to my cubicle and continue working.

Hope nobody realized..


After I gave the SD card away to Michelle, I realised that I have another 512MB of RAM that I have been storing in my drawer for months!

After upgrading my computer memory to 2GB, I did not know what to do with the other RAM. I have asked around but nobody seems to want the RAM as it was too small! Fancy that!

I remembered 256MB of RAM was a luxury during my study years, but it is worthless now!