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Hot Summer Days

Last week, I stepped into Kinokuniya after lunch with my colleague. I picked up a book titled Pleasant Things in Life (or something to that effect). There are many nice and short articles on the many little yet pleasant things we could do with our family or friends or during an outing or such. There was one article that caught my attention and worth trying.


It says when the writer was young, summer was very warm and it was difficult to sleep at night. Her parents let them put their sheet (I assumed was bedsheet) into the fridge during the evening. And when it came to bedtime, she would spread the chilled-sheet on her bed. And the bed would be cool and nice to sleep on! When the sheet on the part that she slept on was warm, she would turn to another side of the sheet. Genius, isn’t it?


And hey, it is really hot recently at night and I couldn’t help myself trying this trick. That very night, I folded my bedsheet into a very small size and put in a plastic bag and shoved it to a corner of my fridge (just in case my housemates saw it and freak out with what I did). And I took out by bedtime and it was cool for a little while. But soon, it became warm again. Maybe the bedsheet wasn’t cool enough to begin with.


Today, I am gonna put my bedsheet into the freezer compartment in the fridge! Let’s hope it stays cool for a longer period of time. ;)

Freaking Hot Weather

I hate the freaking hot weather especially when staying at home with no air conditioner. I have to shower many times a day at home, a waste of water! This makes me yearn to go back to office with the cooling environment, although I always wish I am at home during working hour!

Then again, it is not the worst thing that could happen. At least I still have my internet connection at home and could surf on the internet, chat with a friend and facebook-ing!