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Back Home Soon


I have not been going back to my hometown for more than a month! It has been busy month for me as every week was full of activities.


Thinking of making a trip home and I was hoping to catch my brother during this weekend as I haven’t seen him for months! However he told me that he would not be back to hometown again as he has to attend some training.

Maybe next weekend?

Home Cooked Meal

We were so bored of eating outside everyday. Not only it is expensive, the food is oily, salty and full of MSG which is bad for us and not nutritious too.

That is why my housemate, Mary sometimes offer to cook for us during the weekend. Today, she bought us a egg tart each in the morning for breakfast and it was yummy.

For lunch, she cooked chicken herbal soup, egg omelette and steamed vegetables! Of course I helped in preparing the food and cooking as well. We enjoyed the simple lunch very much and I volunteered to do the washing up.

Guess what are going to have for dinner tonight!