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Back Home Soon


I have not been going back to my hometown for more than a month! It has been busy month for me as every week was full of activities.


Thinking of making a trip home and I was hoping to catch my brother during this weekend as I haven’t seen him for months! However he told me that he would not be back to hometown again as he has to attend some training.

Maybe next weekend?

The Pursuit of Happyness

I simply downloaded the movie although it was shown in the cinema long time ago. After a week, I finally able to watch it yesterday night and this morning. It was a rather sad and moving movie about a father, Will Smith, trying to make a living for his family

But the wife couldn’t take anymore as she has to work 2 shifts and their condition never gotten any better. She left him with their five year old son.

He was trying to break away from poverty and it was sad to see him broke and have to live in the church and even in the street once as he couldn’t pay the rent.

However, he was a very hard working, intelligent man that never gives up! Much to learn from this sad movie. =)

Rate : 4 stars!