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To help me to distress at work, I tend to munch snacks. It helps to make me relax and unwind as I chew away. But apparently it has not been helping with my growing waistlines!

What’s more, sitting at the cubicle for 8 to 10 hours every day doesn’t help to burn the extra calories that I have accumulated through the snacking.

I guess the only easy way out is by using the effective pill.That’s it until I have time to hit the gym and work out during the weekend or holidays.


My Secret..

How do you maintain your figures? How little do you eat? Do you skip your dinner?

I was always bombarded by these questions when I meet new friends. They always thought that I must have made an effort or take best diet pills to maintain my weight.

But the reason was simple. I had skinny gene from my parents! I just want to gain a little more weight though.

Just Drink~


After work yesterday, I met up with Mia for a short drink, as she would have preferred to call it. For me it is dinner! She is starting her new diet to shed off at least 10 pounds in a month. She watched while I have my dinner and when I asked if she was hungry, her answer was no!


Later I found out that she has been taking appetite suppressants that work, apparently! That is really amazing! I believe if she can do that for a month, she would be able to achieve her goal!