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Braces.. Elastic rubber

Yesterday, at my dentist service my braces, de doctor put on elastic rubber at my crooked molar (geraham) teeth to straighten it. It is very troublesome and started to sore.



Today I took extra long time at lunch to chew the plate of chicken rice plus mushroom. I think it was a mistake to add the mushroom as it was lengthy to chew on them. I could only chew at the side of my mouth where I lost the elastic rubber this morning. where was the elastic rubber?!?!? It ain’t in my mouth anymore.. I didn’t even realize when I swallowed it…! >_< Reminder to myself : To remove them before every meals!!!

Finally after finishing my lunch and laughing with my lunchmates over some jokes, I have a quick gargle to clear all the food in my mouth. Then we were happily walking back to office when I realized suddenly that it’s gone.


Dentist Appointment

Today is third day. I have to go to dentist this morning at 11am appointment. I reach before 11 am and sucks, there’s already 3 patients waiting.. and so I waited for an hour before it was my turn. Damn.. wasting my precious morning time!

But it was rather fast, only 10 minutes, perhaps de doc knew I have to go to work. Or maybe the fierce wife is around, so he talked less. :D

Anyway, I bought pork-chicken-rice from shop nearby. I used to eat there when I was in my first company around 4 years back! Funnily, the seller asked me if I want to add rice. I said no. then he asked if the rice was enough when he scooped it into the packet. Am I too thin?

Third day of noon shift, I am feeling very sleepy now.. am looking forward tea and dinner time..