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I went to the Matta Fair in early Sept, all alone, with the objective to buy a Bali ground package since I already have flight tickets for April next year. Yeah, it’s a little long way to go and I should have been looking for March Matta Fair.

Somehow, I was rather excited to go this time. And yeah, I got more than what I bargained for! I couldn’t help but to buy the Go Go Combo from Hwa Jing Tour & Travels that offer 3 countries ground package in a very attractive price.

First was Bangkok 3D2N free and easy and second being Bali 3D2N free and easy. And the last package was full tour to Hangzhou/Shanghai for 5 days!

And so my travel trips for next year are sort of taken care of! =)


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  1. so many trips to go…

  2. wah.. so cheap ar?

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