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Made Of Honor

I couldn’t wait to watch the movie Made of Honor due to Patrick Dempsey! I think he is simply so cute and he is one of my favorite in Grey Anatomy. McDreamy. *drool*

Being cheapskate, again I downloaded the movie instead of watching it at cinema. Well, economy is bad so need to save a little!

It was a good, hilarious movie! Though I find that Michelle Monaghan is not hot enough to be the star. Well, she is pretty but not good enough match for Patrick. Or so I felt. :P

Not as good as ‘My Best Friend’ wedding though which is my all time favorite!

Well, now let me continue with my McDreamy.. I mean Grey Anatomy.. :P

2 Responses to “Made Of Honor”

  1. prince charming !

  2. yeah, prince charming indeed.. “pai ma wang zhi”

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