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Self Conscious

Having buck and crooked teeth that doesn’t match my petite body used to make me very conscious about my smile. I always thought people stared at my teeth when I smiled and may think that they’re hideous. But I found out it was otherwise. Hardly anybody really noticed them, at least they do not pay as much attention to my teeth as I always thought so.

Well, how did I find out? When I started to have my braces in my mouth, people start asking me why did I put on braces. They didn’t notice that my teeth were crooked when I told them the reason. When I opened my mouth and pointed to them, only then they realized.

From this, I have a conclusion. I always notice people teeth when they speak to me and I have a habit of staring at their teeth, whether it’s nice and straight or as crooked as mine, just as a comparison or out of envy. And so, I thought they did the same but surprisingly they don’t! But people with straight and nice teeth aren’t conscious about their teeth, thus they never noticed mine or others.

My conclusion is if you are self conscious at any part of your body, you tend to notice other people same body part. It always makes you feel inferior and have lower self esteem. But other might hardly noticed them. So, don’t feel so bad and focus too much on the part of the body that you like less. Instead, focus on your beauty side and have more confidence in yourself~ Or myself

Well, for those people that do focus on that part of you that you don’t like, it just means they are not too happy with that part of their body as well~ So no worries… =P





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