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Goodness of Prunes!

I’ve been searching for a right snack for a long time. Main criteria is high in fibre! Anyone who knows me well knew that I eat very unhealthily : with the LOVE of fried food, instant food, junk food & outside food.

Not mentioning coffee/caffeine, sweet stuffs, preserved & highly processed food. Yes, I love them all~ I eat very little portion of fruits and even smaller portion of vege as I am not a great fan of vege.

But last week, I found this ==> Prunes! Yes, it is full of fibre (3 times higher than banana!!!), contain modest amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 and other nutrition as well.

Well I think and I hope I will stick to this healthy snack for as long as I can. 3 to 6 prunes on working day~

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