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Dentist Appointment

Today is third day. I have to go to dentist this morning at 11am appointment. I reach before 11 am and sucks, there’s already 3 patients waiting.. and so I waited for an hour before it was my turn. Damn.. wasting my precious morning time!

But it was rather fast, only 10 minutes, perhaps de doc knew I have to go to work. Or maybe the fierce wife is around, so he talked less. :D

Anyway, I bought pork-chicken-rice from shop nearby. I used to eat there when I was in my first company around 4 years back! Funnily, the seller asked me if I want to add rice. I said no. then he asked if the rice was enough when he scooped it into the packet. Am I too thin?

Third day of noon shift, I am feeling very sleepy now.. am looking forward tea and dinner time..

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