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Expensive Lesson

Today I learnt a bitter lesson at the expense of my friend’s health. I am plagued by guilt as I failed to help her and it might make her condition worse. She’s having some sort of knee problem and I wanna help her.


So we went to see a master, who then suggested that she undergo a massage. Without enough information, I brought her there to a traditional massage. We tried to explain to the massager the condition of her problem and without much explanation, he already performed the massage on her and it was painful.  


Today she told me that her knee and thigh had swollen and suspected that it got worse.  She still went to her Chinese traditional doctor today and he gave her more medicine in hope that it would get better soon. I really regretted my rush and hasty decision of bringing her to the massage center at the first place. I can now only pray and wish that her knee would get well soon.

God bless..

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  1. it is fine, you only try to help~

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