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Korean Drama

Korean drama has become such a hit now, intruding many prime TV time slot on weekdays! I have colleagues who love them so much that they download the drama and some will even purchase the DVD. Even male friends who really chased after the drama!

Why? I don’t know if the story is so interesting that they want to watch it so much. I did watch some of the Korean drama where the actress are damn pretty and perfect, with the big innocent eyes and pouty little mouth, oh just so sweet and adorable. Are they really that pretty naturally?

Well, an ex-colleague of mine who visited Korea before said it is otherwise. It is almost the responsible of the parents to save money for their daughter facial surgery cost! Facial or plastic surgery in Korea has reached the level where it is very common, affordable and almost a need for the young ladies in Korea to perform it, correcting or perfecting their features.

I don’t know how true it is but if you think that facial surgery is important for you, remember to choose a safe and legal facial surgeon.

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