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Discipline, All You Need!

Last Friday, spontaneously I called up my Julie and Marissa for a late supper again. I haven’t been seeing them for a couple of months and I love catching up with them.

I was surprised to see that Julie managed to get rid of another 2kg since the last time I see her. her weight has been plummeting steadily for 6 months. I wondered if she takes any special pill but according to her, it is all due to rope skipping and taking no sugar in her beverages!


Amazing! All we need is a little discipline to achieve our ideal weight.   

Upset Tummy

I have been feeling gassy lately with uncomfortable stomach. It might due to the spicy and oily food I had lately and the midnight snack!

All those unhealthy food aren’t good for my bowel and system. Maybe I should do something about it like detoxification. If only I have the discipline to carry out the whole process!

Maybe it is easier to stay away from sinful food instead!