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Special Jewerly

From the visit to the jewelry shop, instead of picking out a ring, something else caught my eyes. They are the sideways cross bracelet. It is the first time I am seeing the cross sideways.

I’ve never attracted to the normal cross pendant but this seems really special.

And of course, the budget isn’t enough for me to get another bracelet. I should stay focus and get what is important for now. Maybe the bracelet could squeeze into the Valentine or birthday gift budget?


There’s this little recycle bin for papers at the corner of my office. We put in our used paper into the bin for recycling. But I think we could do more than only recycle the papers that we have used. One way is by cutting down on the printing and papers by having a paperless environment. Another way is by products that are made from recycled materials and using recyclable products. Dolphin Blue is a good source for eco-friendly office supplies. It is the only online source where all products contain recycled materials.

But of course everyone needs to cooperate in achieving the same goal. After all, we only have one earth!

Gift Committee



My company event is coming and this year, a community is setup to organise it. Although I have no experience in organising the event, I have been chosen as one of the committee members to coordinate the whole event and planning everything for the event to make it a success!

And boys, there were many discussion as there are many details to go through. From finding a suitable venue, getting the budgets, booking, arranging the speakers, food and drinks, entertainment, token of gifts and many more!

We are split to the smaller groups so that it is easier to divide the task among us. I chose to prepare the token of gifts as this is the part that I am good at.

I can easily find a wide range of interesting gift tokens at anypromo.com which would be perfect for promotional giveaways as a remembrance of the event.

There are interesting products like stainless steel mugs, cute sport bottle, all sorts of stationery, calendar, book ends, weather predictors, body gift sets, scented candles and many more! There are even eco-friendly products which I think would make great token!

Perhaps a tote bag made from natural paper and cotton fibres that can be recycle?