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Sleepy Head..

It’s an extremely sleepy day for me today as I slept quite late in yesterday night. I have to practically pull myself out of the bed this morning and landed myself in the shower to keep my eyes open. I felt like a zombie at work and repeating all those mundane job that just made me feel even sleepier.

I am thinking of researching on how to increase the traffic to my website but seems like I better postpone it to this weekend, after enough rest of course!

Please, let weekend be here soon!



I Am Tired

Lately I realized that there isn’t much of personal time for myself. I guess I have been stretching myself too far at work and have been putting on extra hours. Sometimes after work, I catch up with my friends and have dinner with them after work.

For example, I come home around 10.45pm and I have to shower and get some chores done before hitting the bed. There isn’t much time for myself for quality personal time. I don’t even have time to look at the new insurance that my friend proposed.

Looks like I need better time management or else I’ll get too tired and grouchy!

10000 Steps

With my new mobile phone, I am now able to keep track of the number of steps that I am taking every day. Ultimately, I want to reach 10000 healthy steps a day although I barely reach 6000 now. It encourages me to walk more often, better than forcing myself to running on the treadmills at gym every day.

Maybe go lunch at a farther place every day or walk up the stairs?

Juicy Corn

I always thought that Cameron Highland is only well known for its roses, strawberries and vegetables. But little did I know (after going there twice before) that they grow excellent corns! The corns are extraordinary larger, very juicy and exceptionally sweet!

I bought 2 corn cups while I was there and enjoyed it very much! So I bought a pack of 4 to share with my housemates. I cooked it yesterday night and not surprisingly, all my housemates love it. They said it was very juicy and sweet!

Although the price is a little higher compare to the normal corn. However I think it is worth the price! So, must buy more on my next trip, whenever it is.

Travelling Around

During lunch just now, we passed by a tour agency. Sharon asked me if she has been on cruise before and I said I have. She was full of envy as she always want to go for one but it was out of her travel budget.

For me, I always want to travel on an RV around the country and stop at parks at night. I think it is a great way of travelling around with your temporary and comfortable home with you.

If only I could afford the time and money!

Fabulous Time For Shopping~

It is my favourite months to go to the shopping mall. Everywhere you can see the Christmas decoration and each year, they try to outdo the year before and other malls.

The festive season is strongest for Christmas compare to other festival although it is not the biggest festival in this country; I wondered why. Maybe people tends to buy more gifts for exchange in this festival even though they are not celebrating it.

And I just love to see the word Sale in almost every single store and it is a good time to get anything at all! Yes, finally it is time to save some pennies while buying gift.


To help me to distress at work, I tend to munch snacks. It helps to make me relax and unwind as I chew away. But apparently it has not been helping with my growing waistlines!

What’s more, sitting at the cubicle for 8 to 10 hours every day doesn’t help to burn the extra calories that I have accumulated through the snacking.

I guess the only easy way out is by using the effective pill.That’s it until I have time to hit the gym and work out during the weekend or holidays.


Tuesday With Morrie

I finally found someone who owned this book, a colleague of mine and she was so kind to borrow me. I’ve read the a book by Mitch Albom before ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven~ and it was quite nice, something different.


But I personally think that Tuesdays With Morrie was much nicer, a very touching story of an old man; a professor who had ALS disease and his days were numbered. Yet, he spent a day every week, Tuesday, with a beloved ex-student of his; teaching him how to live his life.


Yeah, his last thesis of life with this professor who had so much to offer to the world, in a different way that would make the world a better place for everyone. Even though his body was withered and crumpled by the day, his spirit seemed to be stronger and inspiring~


It is a true story, so well written, so very meaningful.. A wake up call..



Another Bag?

Bags, bags, bags. One of the things that a woman can’t get enough of. There is always another reason to get another bag for another occasion, or when there is no occasion at all.


Or simply because there are new bags design or just because a friend has a new bag!


Currently, I am thinking whether I should get another hand bag for work. I already have two, one small bag but could fit in even a small umbrella. And another bigger bag that I could throw every thing inside.


The thing is both of them are white in color. I felt that I could do with another bag with different color to match different outfit. Good enough reason?


 One thing that I am really lousy at are capturing visualization and observing & remembering them, especially in people and cars. And streets as well.

At first sight, everyone would look about the same to me especially if they have almost the same height and build. Same goes to cars. My friend would tell me about the many car make and model and sometimes it is hard for me to differentiate them!

But now I am starting to put on the effort of learning the different make and model and the part names like spoiler, rim, etc. I know they are basic, but I guess it is really lack of interest.

And I shall improve, with time! Or so I hope.

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