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Hair Cut~

My latest haircut about 3 weeks ago was a quite success; quote a colleague of mine, as many people in my office noticed them. Even the kakak (cleaner) in my office noticed it and said it looks good on me~ *happy* Well, actually I just cut new fringe and have some of the hair at the back trimmed which wasn’t anything major~


But hey, I was glad to change my hair parting to accommodate my new fringe. Reason is I always felt that a small segment of my hair, right at the center is.. well, not actually bald.. but let’s put it this way; that there’s less hair over there. Few years back, I have this habit of pulling out my hair, the crooked and stubborn hair that was super curly or wouldn’t be part of other hairs. And I keep plucking them off and now I realized I could have damage the hair follicles. And so the reason for less hair right in the center.. *sigh*


Well, I don’t have reason to be very worry about my hair at the moment as I still have plenty of them at other part of my head. *smirk* I hope there will be no days arrived for me to have the need to undergo any hair transplant.

I promise not to pluck anymore of my hair anymore (well, unless it turns grey, that’s it!)

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