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GoodBye Tea..

Just now, the lady who was leaving today bought us tea time snacks – pau and glutinous rice with chicken! It was yummy though I was rather full when I ate it.

It was my first and last tea time session with her as I hardly join my department mates for tea. Only half of us were there as most of them are on leave yesterday. I gave her a hug and wished her all the best on her new career path!

People come and go in our lives. But somehow, I felt that rather sad to see people leaving me. It’s like we are never going to be the same again.

Delivery Food

Today is my 4th day of work but my first time to order delivery mixed-rice food for lunch. 2 of my colleagues ordered it every single day and I wanted to try it since I hate the canteen which is full of smoke! Makes me stink after eating my lunch day. 

It arrived shortly after 12pm, when I was working in the KVM switches.

For my first order, they gave me the wrong dish that I wanted. It is chicken curry instead of black pepper pork chop and too much gravy! Perhaps coz I requested for less rice.

My colleagues asked if I would order again.

I said yes, they need a second chance! And I hate to go to the canteen or outside. :D


Deepavali ..

Two years ago, I rushed back to hometown after work on Wed with Liana’s car. Surprisingly it wasn’t jam and the journey was a smooth one. My parents finally decided to go with me for Deepavali visiting and Devi was really a nice hostess to them. Her mum cooked nice lunch for us. I met up with some of my best friends from secondary school too.

Liana, the sisters and I rushed back to KL at midnight on Deepavali as we need to work the next day! Very tiring but a happy festival. ;)

Would it be the same this year?

My Favourite Lunch Place

Today we went out for ‘min sin’ lunch again near Hotel Istana. It is one of the favourite places we like to go, except that it is not so near to our office. We need to drive out from our office for around 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic.


They serve very nice min-sin, one of the best I ever have, although the place is a little too warm. I always order the pork-ball noodles and it cost RM3.50. But today, I noticed that the price has increased 30cents to RM3.80! But we also notice that the portion is also bigger.

So it is still okay as they give bigger portions unlike some places that increase the price and serve smaller portions! Anyway, maybe I can try the wan tan mee and curry mee there as all these while, I only eat the ‘min sin’.


My Light Lunch

Today I am lazy to go for lunch again.

So I went to Isetan and bought mix salad : pasta salad + fruit salad + crabstick salad + potato salad + brocolli salad at RM2.24 (RM1 per 100 gram). After that I bought 3 sushis : teriyaki squid sushi, baby octopus sushi and fresh salmon salad!

I feel that the portion is just nice for me but might get hungry later. So before attending yoga at 6.30pm, I might need to take some light food at tea time. =D


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