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Juicy Corn

I always thought that Cameron Highland is only well known for its roses, strawberries and vegetables. But little did I know (after going there twice before) that they grow excellent corns! The corns are extraordinary larger, very juicy and exceptionally sweet!

I bought 2 corn cups while I was there and enjoyed it very much! So I bought a pack of 4 to share with my housemates. I cooked it yesterday night and not surprisingly, all my housemates love it. They said it was very juicy and sweet!

Although the price is a little higher compare to the normal corn. However I think it is worth the price! So, must buy more on my next trip, whenever it is.

The Most Important Meal Of The Day : Breakfast

I couldn’t help but agreed when my housemate said that the most important meal is the breakfast. We could eat a heavy portion with all the nutritious food and fruits. You won’t pile up weight with good breakfast but without breakfast, your brain cell will die faster, according to an article that I read.

Lunch is quite important too and eat moderately. Or else you would be sleepy after lunch time.

According to my housemate, dinner is ain’t important but I am not too sure. I must eat my dinner everyday too, but maybe not as heavy as breakfast or lunch!

Goodness of Prunes!

I’ve been searching for a right snack for a long time. Main criteria is high in fibre! Anyone who knows me well knew that I eat very unhealthily : with the LOVE of fried food, instant food, junk food & outside food.

Not mentioning coffee/caffeine, sweet stuffs, preserved & highly processed food. Yes, I love them all~ I eat very little portion of fruits and even smaller portion of vege as I am not a great fan of vege.

But last week, I found this ==> Prunes! Yes, it is full of fibre (3 times higher than banana!!!), contain modest amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 and other nutrition as well.

Well I think and I hope I will stick to this healthy snack for as long as I can. 3 to 6 prunes on working day~

Yummy Beverage

Torn between the love of coffee and the need to be healthy, I’ve decided to integrate both need and want together for my morning sip .


I mixed a small cup of delightful coffee with half a packet of Dutch Lady chocolate milk and stir them; yielding a rich, creamy aroma of chocolate coffee milk which is smooth and simply delicious~ *yummy*~


Home Cooked Meal

We were so bored of eating outside everyday. Not only it is expensive, the food is oily, salty and full of MSG which is bad for us and not nutritious too.

That is why my housemate, Mary sometimes offer to cook for us during the weekend. Today, she bought us a egg tart each in the morning for breakfast and it was yummy.

For lunch, she cooked chicken herbal soup, egg omelette and steamed vegetables! Of course I helped in preparing the food and cooking as well. We enjoyed the simple lunch very much and I volunteered to do the washing up.

Guess what are going to have for dinner tonight!

Sinful Lunch Choices

Yesterday Vic and I were so lazy to go out for lunchie. And thus we thought of getting the to-go food from the canteen at our office building. I couldn’t resist the chilly prawn and took quite much of the dish and I didn’t take any greens coz none looks appetizing to me! AV chided me on my food selection and makes me feel guilty!Chilly prawns and no greens for my high cholesterol body! What was I thinking!Well, I felt bad afterwards though I enjoyed the food so much. Thus, I went to buy two packet of fruits afterwards, guava and grapes to make myself feel better!Oh well, I’ll certainly load up my greens today! =P


Calvin is launching his first detox program after underwent a diamond peeling session in a salon. Reason? Too much toxic on his skin and the beautician advised him to get rid of those toxic. What’s more, he saw an amazing skin transformation of an ex-coursemate who has nice, clear skin after she sticks to vegetarian for years!

So, Calvin detoxification program started on Monday and he only eats certain foods, vege and no carbohydrate, on the advice of June! He’s been feeling hungry and tiredness for a couple of days. Today is third day. Good luck to him and hope he can survive without suffering too much!

Sumptuous Lunch!

Yesterday I had dinner with my two colleagues at Wisma Central chicken rice shop. I saw they have the ‘pork’ (siu yuk) and ordered it on top of my roasted chicken. CL found out that I like siu yuk a lot, despite its ‘fatness’ on the meat!

So today, she was being so sweet as she bought some nice siu yuk from the market near her house this morning! So, SS and I went to Masjid Jamek and we bought famous yummy Yong Tau Foo and Mamak Rojak to top up for the lunch.

We bought too much and really have a nice time eating during the lunch at pantry. I am not sure if I can have such close friendship with my new colleagues in the future. I am going to miss them heaps!!!

Julie’s Upcoming’s Birthday


This is the high fibre cake that we bought from Secret Recipe yesterday to celebrate Julie’s birthday tomorrow.

It is full of cereal, raisins, coconut, oats and I don’t know what else. Very filling! Full of fibres. Quite yummy. Most importantly it is healhty. =)

Happy birthday to Julie~

May they be happy always. :)

Special Jewerly

From the visit to the jewelry shop, instead of picking out a ring, something else caught my eyes. They are the sideways cross bracelet. It is the first time I am seeing the cross sideways.

I’ve never attracted to the normal cross pendant but this seems really special.

And of course, the budget isn’t enough for me to get another bracelet. I should stay focus and get what is important for now. Maybe the bracelet could squeeze into the Valentine or birthday gift budget?

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