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I love travelling very much but God knows how I hate packing. It is essential for me to pack everything I need as I hate to be missing something during my trip.

Thus, I have a standard list of things to pack as I go travelling quite often. So every time before I pack my stuffs, I would copy the list into a paper. As I pack and refer to the paper, cancelling every items that I have put in my bag. The last few items would be circled so that I would remember to bring them too.

From time to time, I would update the list if I have new-must-bring items!

And yes, I hate to unpack after I come back too!

Travel Fair coming

The travel fair is here again soon!! However, this year, I decided not to travel to anywhere although I really love to travel a lot! My expenses has gone up by at least 26% after I took a car loan. Sucks.. And since that, I felt financially broke.

Well, before this, I wasn’t really concern about my financial even though I did not have a lot of savings but I have enough to spend and it is quite comfortable as my expenses wasn’t quite high. But now, I am looking of ways to find side incomes and even trying to invest in unit trust. And aye, financial is really important, especially for a gal ;)


Much as my parents love to travel, they hardly ever travel together. Reason is we have two dogs, 2 tortoises, a black cat and a big family of stray cats that are feed by my mother every single day. How do you leave all them behind with no one to take care for a whole week? :s

All my siblings and I are staying and working in the city, which is two hours away from our hometown. We could go back for a couple of days but not too long. So it is rather difficult to have somebody to watch the pets for them. So most of the time, they take turn to go for vacation! Or if they’re going together, it has to be a very short trip and we could stay at home for short while to look after those pets.

i think the arrangement is not ideal at the moment and I am still looking out for a better alternative.