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More fishes

Today Andrew insisted of getting more little fishes for that 3 gallon tank in our house! I don’t know how many he bought but according to Flint, now there are around 20 fishes in that small aquarium!

It actually looks crowded and it seems that the little fishes are having little party!!! But they said some might not able to survive as too many fishes at once in that small tank.

Some fishes are so cute as it has many colourful dots on the body! The other has colourful tails. I just enjoy seeing them swimming around in the tank. It makes me feel more relax and happy, calming~ ^.^



Today I saw two new colleagues under my manager, a guy and a lady. But since my manager is running two departments, we aren’t sure if they would be placed under our department. So far, as per the seating arrangements they are seated at the HRM departments!


But my team members seem to be very excited of the newbie. This may due to many of our department colleagues have left the company but there is no replacement until today. We were speculating what module they would be handling and how would they adapt and stuff like that.


I hope I can have new team members too! :D



I received a damn funny joke from a friend this morning. It is about three vampires that wanted to show off that they are better than each other.

So, one night they were gathered together and wanted to prove who is better.


The first vampire flew off and within 10 seconds he was back! His teeth was all covered with blood~

The first vampire said : Did you see the house over there?

The other two vampires said yes.

The first vampire said : I sucked the blood of all the family members of the house!


The second vampire then flew off and came back within 5 seconds. His mouth was all covered with blood~

The second vampire said : Did you see the village over there?

The other two vampires said yes.

The second vampire said : I sucked the blood of all the whole village members!


The third vampire then flew off and came back within 2 seconds!!! His face was all covered with blood~

The third vampire said : Did you see the tree over there?

The other two vampires said yes.

The third vampire said : Errr.. I didnt see it!

The end :D

If you can read malay, enjoy this :

Tiga Ekor Pontianak Pada satu malam 3 ekor pontinak sedang bertenggek di atas pokok sambil bergaduh tentang kehebatan masing-masing.Ketiga-tiga mengaku diri mereka hebat.Untuk menentukan siapa paling hebat mereka pun cuba membuktikan ke hebatan masing-masing. Pontianak A terbang dengan sepantas kilat.10 saat kemudian balik semula ke pokok tersebut.Kelihatan ada kesan-kesan darah di sekitar gigi Pontianak A. 

Pontianak A : Korang nampak rumah tu  

Pontianak B : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Nampak!
Pontianak A : Satu rumah tu habis aku kerjakan.
Pontianak B pula terbang lebih pantas dari Pontianak A. 5 saat kemudian balik semula ke pokok tersebeut.Kelihatan ada darah bukan setakat pada gigi,malah pada keseluruhan mulut pontianak tersebut.

Pontianak B : Korang nampak kampung tu Pontianak

A : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Nampak!
Pontianak B : Habis satu kampung tu aku kerjakan.






That is what I believe in. A close friend of mine was leaving her company due to lack to unhappy atmosphere working with her superior. Thus, she found a better job and was about to leave.

However, the superior clearly dislikes her and try to make her life miserable even during the last few weeks. She even created a fib and told her management but it was found out later on by the management.

The management clarified the issue and used the word ‘lack-of-communication’ instead which I think quite wise. But at least it is cleared up now and I hope the superior will be wiser and do not create any more evil plan. As what goes around always comes around!




Today is my good friend’s last day in her 2nd company. It’s time for her to move on. It was unlike her first job where she stays for a mighty-long-5-years!

But it’s good that she’s moving on to QA now, same with me! :D She will have a better future and prospect with this field as many companies are now hiring for QA, which was quite rare a few years back.With the new company that she is securing, I wish her good luck and may she soar like an eagle and make many new friends there! :)



Bird Watching

My Nature Club teacher loves to watch birds and always brought us to the small jungle near our school during the club time to watch the different of birds there. I remembered seeing many beautiful birds and even a big owl at the big tree by the field.

He always brought along a few binoculars that we share during bird watching. I still remembered the walk we used to have at the jungle whenever I spotted some exotic birds now.

It was so long ago and I wondered how is him now. Hope he is still healthy and enjoying his bird watching!

Fabulous Night Out

Love is in the air; all those lovey dovey songs are playing on the radio this week. I think apart from love, Valentine’s day is also about friendship day. Not only love to your lover but to friends as well.

At least that is what the day is for those singles who doesn’t has anyone to celebrate with. My ex-colleague who is single organized a single ladies outing with dinner and dance.

We went to a small cosy restaurant with some live music. It was a nice ambience and the food was awesome. All of us feel less single and alone at the end of the fabulous night out.

Wedding Gift

What is the weirdest wedding gift have you ever heard of? My friend who just got married shared with us that it is adult toy At first she and her husband has no idea what it was when they unwrap the gift. But after scrutinizing and reading for a while, they broke into laughters.

They are not quite sure who it from is but think it must be somebody from the husband’s relatives. And could it be a joke or he/she might think they do need one in their new wedded life. :)

Packed Malls

Last weekend the shopping near my house was so packed. The usual 15 minutes drive took us about an hour to reach as the traffic light turning in has super-long queue. And we took about 30 minutes before spotting a parking lot even though we reached pretty early at around 11am.

I guess everyone was out doing the last minute shopping. In times like this, I prefer to do online shopping instead of going to the mall. It is such a waste of time. I could get info on the stuff I want to buy without having to spend all the time stuck in the traffic and finding a parking.


Even the queue to pay was super long; a very tiring day indeed to go for shopping.

Sociable or Not?

Sometimes I feel that I am not friendly enough or not sociable. I am a no doubt introvert person but when I know someone well or I feel comfortable with, then I can be myself and jokes around with them.

But most of the time, when I am with people I barely know or intimidated, I just am very quiet and seems to be aloof.

The other week, I was having dinner with my colleauges and I happen to sit with those who I wasn’t very close to. Gosh, it was a torture as I didn’t even know what they were talking about. There were talking about technical stuffs which was out of my knowledge.

I just keep polite conversation and at the first opportunity, I excused myself and left. I felt bad about it; maybe it is time to pick up some communication skill.

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