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When my colleague when to Langkawi a few week ago, she bought a lot of chocolates for us, yeah duty free chocs! :D

I took a 50gram Toblerone chocs, swiss milk choc with honey & almond nougat. I would take a piece or 2 pieces everyday. Or when I feel a little sad or sleepy, I would take another piece. I feel happier with a little indulgence in the office. ;D

A chocolate a day, keep the depress away~ :D


I couldn’t stand my fluffy and frizzy hair. I hate to put an large amount of serum on my hair daily to tame them down. But if I don’t smooth my hair every now and then, it’ll be messy especially after washing it! I like neat hair.

So I did my rebonding again for the 4th time in my life! Yeah, now my hair I so flat n straight it looks like I don’t have much hair (says my colleague). It is rather okay price at RM225 (after 50% discount and include a cut).

I hope it wouldn’t be so flat and straight after I wash it tonight. :D

Sinful Lunch Choices

Yesterday Vic and I were so lazy to go out for lunchie. And thus we thought of getting the to-go food from the canteen at our office building. I couldn’t resist the chilly prawn and took quite much of the dish and I didn’t take any greens coz none looks appetizing to me! AV chided me on my food selection and makes me feel guilty!Chilly prawns and no greens for my high cholesterol body! What was I thinking!Well, I felt bad afterwards though I enjoyed the food so much. Thus, I went to buy two packet of fruits afterwards, guava and grapes to make myself feel better!Oh well, I’ll certainly load up my greens today! =P


I am still mustering the courage to tell my manager that I intend to move on after all. Although the suggestion he gave to me to further my career seems a little logical and attractive, but I felt that I couldn’t go on provide a good and productive service here.

I must take the risk and challenge to move on as I am still quite young! It is an opportunity for me to take and I don’t want to see it slip away. If it is meant to be bad, I would take it gracefully and move on. I hope its not! :D

So good luck to me, hope I am not influenced by others again on my decision!

Decision Time

I speak to few peoples regarding my job offers. Most encouraged me to take it but a few strongly ask me not to go. Somehow it makes me feel rather unsure and couldn’t decide. Would I be better off at new company? Or would I strive here? I have make up a list of comparison. It helps a little but not too much. I am still unsure.

Hopefully my mind would be clear soon.

Hopefully I don’t have too many obstacles.

Hopefully I am stronger in making decision!

So much of hope!


My Phones

I remembered getting my first hand phones rather late than most of my peers. When I started to work in KL, my mum was very worried as I wasn’t familiar with the place with not many friends and relatives there. Thus, she got me my very first 3310 mobile phone, which was a cool phone back then!

But I lost it as my bag was snatched by a motorcyclist within a year! I was very upset and bought myself a new Motorola T191 phone next. After using for 2 years, the battery became very unstable and thus I got myself my current 3210 phone! It is still working fine after 4 years.

But now, I have upgraded to a wonderful phone, Sony Ericson that I hope could serve me at least for the next 3 years!

Dry Dry eyes..

As I have blogged before, I have dry eyes that make it difficult for me to stare at the computer monitor for hours. But that is what I do every single day, staring at the monitor at 8 hours of work and even for a couple of hours after work! It is very bad to my eyes but I just couldn’t help myself.

I normally use the artificial tears that I got from the clinic but it doesn’t help very much. And recently I find that even the outer eyelids are very dry too!

So I put some eye cream whenever I felt that it is dry and guess what? It helps! It feels more soothing and not as dry already. Now I am bringing my eye cream to work and apply it every couple of hours. Maybe the air conditioning is making my eyes dry.

By the way, I am currently using Simple Regeneration Age Resisting eye cream with Gingko Biloba and green tea. Hope it could protect my eyes!

Xmas Tree

We have put up a white Christmas tree in our department. It is very lovely with silver and blue decorations and with the blue lights/LED, ribbons, bell and star! We put a lot of candies underneath the tree (on the table)! Yesterday the HRM team setup their green Christmas tree!

Today I noticed that another department put up their Christmas tree too. Some departments put a lot of shining dangling ribbons on the ceiling! How beautiful to look at all the trees and decorations!

There’s Christmas spirit in the office now! :D


have been driving very carefully as I have license for under two years! It is
very strict and I could have my point taken easily and eventually losing my
driver license! So, we have to carefully bid all the rules!

now there are these huge driving loopholes to be unveiled! Something that I can
really make use of and perhaps improve my driving skills!

However it is sad to know that people actually were trying to find out how to
avoid a speeding ticket when really need to speed! Speeding kills, not always
but sometimes!

If everyone drives safely, the road would be a much better place for everyone!


New Num

I am getting a new hotlink prepaid number, again! I hope my father’s old Nokia 3310 is still able to function nicely as my 2nd handphone, though it is dead a lot of time! reason for getting a new number is to maintain the airtime of my father’s prepaid number as he top up much faster than he uses his credit!

I think he has over RM200 in his credit already and still topping up frequently to keep it active! The only way I could think of maintaining it is by sharing credits to prolong active period without having to top up! :)

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