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Control Freak

I didn’t realize how much of a control freak I am until recently. I like to make decisions and make sure that everything is under control the way that I am comfortable with. I don’t like to be someone who follow other’s lead but to decide and be prepared at all circumstances.
I don’t know when have I became like that as I remember I wasn’t so rigid in the past. I even have to control to find out the scrum software when I heard that my company is looking for one.


I wish I can just step back and let others do the task sometimes instead. There’s pros and definitely cons as well.

Baby Shower

Last weekend was the first time I attended a baby shower! It was for a distant cousin that is expecting her first child and it was really an experience for me. It was a fun way to celebrate the birth of her first newborn baby and boy; there were so much laughter, food and gifts! Some friends shared their experiences of the baby shower which they find quite unique and a remarkable experience! Imagine a room with spa and AV facilities!  

I think this great event is a wonderful beginning to welcome them to motherhood! Also a great way to receive gifts for the mommy and babies!


Sasha and I both agreed that I am being very negative today. I complaint about them discussing too much on dancing performance; as they repeat the discussion again and again. Such a waste of time! I complaint about the skirt is too expensive and we can only wear one time. I look sad during lunch and didn’t talk much.I blamed it on hormones! I blamed it on my manager who still does not want to approve my leave! I need to confirm my starting date to my new company! I blamed on my forgetfulness to collect my jeans for alteration on Tuesday.Sigh..


I want to take 4 days leave on my very last days of work but my manager didn’t approve of it! Yet. Ok, he said he’ll think about it but his face doesn’t look too good today when I asked him. He asked me to put in the request and I told him I did. I am hoping to start earlier at my new company. My record has been clean and good all this while. I hope he would approve it, soon!And they are right to say that Sagittarius is impatient! What’s more with plan in my mind now!


palmtree copy


How long do you take to brush your teeth? Most people takes averagely 2 or 3 minutes at the most to clean their teeth but I take nearly 5 minutes or sometimes more! As I am wearing braces, a lot of food is stuck between my teeth whenever I eat. So I have to clean them properly or else the food will not be cleared out.

Here are 4 steps for me to clean my teeth :1. Brushing using normal toothbrush.
2. Flossing using normal floss but takes much longer than normal people.
3. Use interdental brush to reach the places that cannot be reached by normal brushing.
4. Lastly use Listerine mouthwash to gargle my mouth for 30 seconds or more!


Alas, clean teeth and fresh mouth! ;)

The Holiday

Now I realized why I do like to watch the movie in the cinema instead of buying a DVD or borrowing one and watch at home. Or maybe why the cinema is so much popular though it is pricier than watching at home.

I have been trying to watch this DVD The Holiday since 12pm just now and 3 hours later, I am only halfway through the movie! And now I have to pause it so that I can go to the dentist and continue to watch when I come back till probably 10 pm. Yeah.. I have the habit of pausing the movie every now and then for lunch break, toilet, checking emails, surfing and doing this and that!

Geez.. at the cinema, u just have to watch the movie from the beginning right to the end, no pausing or anything.

Anyway, gotta run to dentist now~


All Alone

I love being at home on weekday, when everybody is working. It doesn’t matter whether I am sick, or on MC, or on leave or just darn lucky to be able to be at home on working days! I enjoy having the whole house by myself. I would start by cleaning my room and the house and get all the chores done.

After that would be enjoyable time where I could surf net or watch a DVD without disturbance from anyone (and knowing that the house is clean)~ :)

If only I could do it more often without sacrificing my annual leave or feeling guilty~ ;)


Today we went out for our favourite min sin again. A colleague, AT joined us for the first time. It was a hot and crowded place and we waited for quite sometime before finally got a table. Five of us ordered five different variety of porks which I think was rather confusing to them! But somehow they finally arrived at the correct order and the portion was still a little too big. But it was yummy. Though we reached office at 1.30pm, a little too late as well! :P

I don’t know how many more times I can come here for lunch before I change my job.

Going to miss this place and eating with them! :(



I think it is not quite my day for dentistry today. After a long 45 minutes wait of 3 people that came before me, it was finally my turn! So eagerly I went into the room and sat on the comfortable chair, waiting for my dentist to finish his call. Just before he could start checking on my teeth.. *Pssffff* .. the electricity was gone! Oh my!

“Is it the switch”, his wife asked.

After he checked, it was confirmed that the electricity was gone. So he just put a rubber on my teeth and couldn’t do much. He asked me to go back in 2 weeks.

To make things worse, his electric gate couldn’t be opened! He has to take out the wiring to open it! :(



Self Defense!

As we walked to Wisma Central for lunch under the hot sun, a girl gave a flyer. It says classes for dancing, martial arts, self defence, close combat training classes and etc.

I am already joining a dancing class after work at office. But I am thinking of protecting myself with self defense classes. The society I am living today is really unsafe, especially after the near-robbery that happened to my friends. I could do with some self protection skill.

I think it’s worth investing on the skill!

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