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Lately the weather has been just unbearable! I felt that it is forty degree even late at night! For the past few nights, even with two fans in my room I tossed and turned and sweated for a long time!


Without air conditioner at home, it is almost unbearable to stay at home during the days on weekends. Much as I try to stray away from the shopping mall to save money, I couldn’t resist the cooling environment!

As during sales, it is so tempting to go for a visit and buy something, even if you do not need it at the first place. As the stuffs are rather cheap and you’ll feel like buying it as you will save some money!

But the fact is you’re spending on stuffs that you do not necessarily need. So, hope I am not buying anything for this time sales. As usual it is easier to say than resisting those bargains! I ended up with 3 nail colours and a pair of sunnies!

And I am eyeing for a pair of walking shoes for my upcoming trip to Bangkok. I want to wear something comfortable as I foresee a lot of walking and shopping! I think I should stop spending unnecessarily and save for my Bangkok shopping spree trip!

With that I think I should stop hanging out in the shopping mall! Maybe get an air conditioner in my room to have more comfortable sleep. But then again, that is another sum of money to spend!

Renovation Ideas

Although I’ve done renovating my house for about 6 months ago, I still can’t help but to look out for renovation deals and those furnitures. I think I’ve fallen in love with the process of renovating, designing, choosing, deciding for the house.

And the other day I saw this hanging chair outdoor, I am so tempted to get it! It is such a lovely chair for relaxing and I could imagine myself sitting in the garden during the evening and enjoying my book. Of course without the mosquitoes!

Well, I think it will be a while since I can afford to upgrade another house; thus I should just see and stop buying or adding anything to my house or else it’ll be so cluttered!