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Wedding Bombs

Many people are getting married this month! I have a few friends hitched up as well. So invitations are flying everywhere and it’s like a bomb as you do not want one to land on you.

There is a courtesy of distributing wedding invitations too. It is good to distribute the invitation early as late delivery only means that the invitation is less sincere. It could mean that you are only replacement to those who couldn’t make it.

Just my two cents anyway.


My Quiet Colleague

I have this colleague that hardly goes out for lunch. Everyday he’ll ask us to buy something for him to eat. One thing is he is not a fussy eater. He eats almost anything that we buy as long as the portion is not too small. Added rice is much appreciated.


Today after many times we threatened not to buy for him, he finally agreed to have dinner with us. But the thing is he hardly talks and involve in our conversation. It’s like he didn’t like socializing at all. Now we know better what to do than to drag him to a lunch or dinner with us.


Sometimes people are just different and we can just respect their decision~

Swindling Cases

I had lunch with my colleague today at Central. We all were discussing about the con and swindle cases that are happening frequently in the society. For example, some swindler called you and inform that you have won some lucky draws.

To be eligible of collecting the prize money, which is usually a lot, you need to deposit some money to them for processing fees. This kind of cases are common and even published in the newspaper before.

Yet so many people are greedy and are willing to be con, hoping the money will roll in. I also received many sms and emails informing that I am a lucky winner of lottery in UK and other countries!

Or some emails are about them having diseases and about to die. So they want to give away their money to charity and needs help from us. I received them almost a few times a week! Funny eh?


All the managers are very busy recently with the new implementation of job house. They need to meet every single subordinate one by one to explain and discuss about their new level at the job house.

Of course it is time consuming especially my manager who is handling two department with around 40 – 50 employees! Thus I hardly see him around except in the small room where he is busy discussing with my peer.

I wondered if I would need to attend the one to one session of the job house. Initially I felt like want to attend but now I feel like it is a waste of time. Anyway, I’ll let him decide.



“So, have you finish your master paper yet?” I asked my housemate again, for the 100th times perhaps.

“No, I haven’t got time to do it”, he reply promptly, the same answer.

However, I wasn’t really convinced of his answer as he has been delaying his master paper for too long! It has been more than 3 years since he enrolled in the master course and the only thing that set him back is the essay paper. I hope he could get it done as soon as possible.

Just hope he can get it done at least by next year!


Tomorrow is my knowledge sharing again, as a tutor I mean. I have to share about the many methods of Asset depreciation which means a lot of calculation involved! I already prepare 4 depreciation method calculations. I am thinking of sharing 5 methods instead.

Since I wont be bringing my pc (thank god, I hate the hassle of disassembling my pc, move to the training room, assemble again, and after training disassemble again and assemble again!) I’ll have them do the practical instead! Yup, doing some calculation for the depreciation.

 This way, there’ll have some hands on and less stuff for me to do. *grin*


Sumptuous Lunch!

Yesterday I had dinner with my two colleagues at Wisma Central chicken rice shop. I saw they have the ‘pork’ (siu yuk) and ordered it on top of my roasted chicken. CL found out that I like siu yuk a lot, despite its ‘fatness’ on the meat!

So today, she was being so sweet as she bought some nice siu yuk from the market near her house this morning! So, SS and I went to Masjid Jamek and we bought famous yummy Yong Tau Foo and Mamak Rojak to top up for the lunch.

We bought too much and really have a nice time eating during the lunch at pantry. I am not sure if I can have such close friendship with my new colleagues in the future. I am going to miss them heaps!!!


One thing that is very different in my current new company is flexibility. Not everyone comes to the office everyday. Those that comes, doesn’t come from 9.30am to 6.30pm like I did.

They come at odd hours, 10.30am or 12pm or even 2pm. I don’t know what time they go back. When they don’t come, I don’t know whether they are on leave or MC or simply work from home.

Probably it is the flexibility and everyone is trustable for their accountability.

For me? I still prefer to come at working hour or perhaps work from home. :)

Good Luck

My housemate buzzed me at work today via MSN. She seldom did so as she knows that I am starting at a new company so it must be something big. Yeah! She got a job interview tomorrow at a MNC company in Cyberjaya!

A few of my ex-colleagues had joined the company in the last few months. The company provides good benefit that includes catered-lunch, free parking, transport allowance and many more.

The only cons is the company is too far away from our home. Anyway, I encouraged her to try to go for the interview or she might regret rejecting the interview in the future. What’s more tomorrow is a public holiday! :)

Good luck to her!


I don’t know when I started to grow close with one of the cleaner in my office and we called her ‘kakak’. She is rather nice to us and we offer her some food when we are having our teatime. So she is like a friend to us.

I told her that I am resigning and she was aware of my last day. So, I went around taking pictures on my last day but I didn’t see her in the pantry, the place she always was! I was a little disappointed as I never took picture with her below.

I chatted with one of my colleague today and she told me that kakak hide herself on my last day! She said she would cry to see me leave so she didn’t want to meet me!Aiks.. that is so strange but she said she can’t bear to see those she likes leaving.

All the best to her! And to me too! :D

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