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Flea Market Finds

Last weekend, after nearly a year of last visit to our favourite flea market in Amcorp mall, we decided to give it a visit. After all, he loves to pick out antiques and old toys for his collection.

Guess what he nearly bought this time? An old transformer figure. He was excited when he sees it and spent nearly a couple of hours evaluating and appreciating it. However after much consideration on whether he will really use it and the suitable place to store it, he decided heavy heartedly that he doesn’t need to own it

But he couldn’t resist to a couple of toys for his collection though which he got for a bargain!


There is many sport club in my company; from badminton to basketball to the latest tennis club. I am no fan of sports and hardly exercise, thus I did not join any of them. But now I heard that they might start some other club to interest that non-sport fan. 

A guitar club, perhaps? That is the rumor I heard from my colleagues over the lunch. I heard some guitarists in the company always discuss about guitar and new songs to play. For me, I am not a guitar fan as well. I am still waiting for them to start a club that I will be interested in.

No Supervision~

My office is still rather quiet despite 25 minutes after normal lunching hour? Reason? All the managers are away for an expensive meeting at Malta! Yup, u heard me right. It is an expensive one as the exchange rate is higher, even higher than UK Pound.
The exchange rate is 11 to RM1. I am not sure of the currency they’re using over there but 11 to 1 is definitely very high! They’ll be away for a week and I suppose the staffs are getting a little naughty without much supervision :P

knowledge sharing

Today is my turn to do knowledge sharing to my team members and another 2 members from another team. I’ll be sharing my knowledge on my latest module, Asset. It is an on going programme that we have been having since a couple of months ago, after we finished our projects. However it is the first time I am sharing with them. I’ve done my preparation and hope it goes well. ^.^ Only 1 hour though~

Good luck to me!

A Guest Tonight

Tonight I have a special guest at our house. It is my ex-coursemate CY who came to KL for another ex-coursemate wedding lunch tomorrow. She’s staying in my room tonight and thanks to James who borrow the extra mattress.

So I just need a new bedsheet to cover the mattress and gave her another bedsheet as blanket as I don’t have extra one! And a pillow too. She just arrived for several hours. Hope she has a comfortable stay here. =)



Yesterday while playing the two games in the team events, I was standing with my Malay friend. She complained to me that she’s very tired and wanted to rest instead of playing the game. At first I thought she didn’t get enough rest.
Then it hit me, she’s on fasting! No wonder she’s so tired. She told me that she ate very little in the morning as she got no appetite, only some vegetables. As a result by 3pm, she was already tired and hungry but she needs to work. After the games, we were treated to ice cream and mooncake.

But pity her; she had to watch us eat. I think it must difficult to be fasting and fight all temptations.

I am not sure if I am able to do so. I lost my temper when I am hungry. :D


Nice Team Games

I thought my manager has abandoned us, as there is no meeting or much communication for more than 2 weeks. But today, he called for a team event for the 2 departments that are under him. Surprisingly, he had come out with 2 games for all of us that required team work.

We were split to 5 teams, of around 5 people each. The first game was about memorizing a map which was quite fun. Second game was about IQ questions. Well, we didn’t win in both games but had lotsa fun.

At the end of it, manager treated us drumstick ice cream each and a mooncake from Purple Cane~ I hope we have more fun like this in the future~


Another Christmas Party?

In 2011, when we just moved into the new house, B and I organized a Christmas potluck party for our friends. And the year after that, we got lazy and didn’t do anything.

I felt that we haven’t been inviting people over for quite some times and decided that we should have a Christmas party this year. Some suggested having gift exchange but others want to spice up the game by having a wish gift; instead of getting random gift which might not be suitable and not used after that.

But I guess it is a little hard to achieve everyone’s wish list as someone wished for a film camera  Maybe we should have set a reasonable budget for the wish gift.

Looking forward for the party!

Purchase Decision

I thought that I am a fussy person as every time before making a large purchase I will thoroughly think about the pros and cons and whether I really need it. Weighting out the other options out there, the price and the quality as well as services if it applies

But apparently I am not a quarter as bad as my friend’s husband. For every single purchase that he wants to make, he would take weeks and even months to do research on it. The last time he wanted to get a new couch , he took about 2 months before finally buying it.


I guess some people are just wired differently when it comes to decision.

Big for 8!

My colleague went to the the mall again today to exchange the dress for her 8 years old niece, for the third time! When she showed us the dress, all of us were surprised of the size!

It was really big for an 8 year old. Even petite me could easily slip into the kid’s dress! She said her niece is rather big size and has been eating a lot. I think kids nowadays are eating too much fast foods and so obese are a common problem in our society.

Imagine an 8 year old is weighting about 40kg while I am only a kg or two heavier than her. It is very important to watch children’s diet so they do not become uncontrollably oversized when they grow up.

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