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Lazy Day

It has not been raining for many weeks and the weather is super hot. Many of us are getting sick in the office, down with the common sickness of sorethroat, flu, phlegm and cough. It doesn’t help that the virus spreads so easily around the office with the air conditioning.

I wish I can take sick leave and rest at home instead of going to work. I am not really sick yet but the sight of so many sickly people worries me. All I wish is stay at home and surf the net, click here and there to find good music stuffs, facebook-ing and browse the online stores.


Yeah,saying this makes me feel like a lazy-bum; and indeed I feel like ones at times.

My To Do

At times I might feel lazy but at times, I do feel overwhelm with the list of things to do. Every weekend, I have a list of things that I NEED to do; or else I have to do them on weekday which is not really an option as I get tired after the end of the day at work.

I really wish I have a maid or runner to help me with doing these errands. If I don’t get to rest on weekends, when will I rest?!?

This weekend alone, my list is already more than 10-to-do. Starting with packing for my upcoming trip, to sending my car to service and cleaning up the toilets. Not to mention I have to get gift for my aunt’s birthday; I am thinking of a nice and Best priced Burlap table cloth which I am sure she will be delighted.


After much consideration, I took the first step by going to the shops to look for a suitable and affordable guitar. Either the price was too steep or the design was too unattractive. I ended up empty handed when I left the shop with my friend.

He suggested that perhaps I should check out the website instead, such as guitar center. Indeed there have more variety at a very reasonable price.

But I am still looking for a perfect guitar; or maybe I should hint my friends or family to get one for me instead. *evil laugh* 



Now that my fixed line is up since last Friday, I am now registering for the Streamyx (internet broadband, high speed bandwidth) account online. Since there is a promotion for member-get-member, I signed up for it using my friend account for rebate on both parties! Win win situation.

It is quite convenient to sign up through internet but I was having a little problem with the form as it throw exception when I first submitted.

But after trying for the 2nd time, it finally got through and I have to wait for installation. If they are fast enough, I guess i’ll have my very own line in my room by this Saturday.




“Whose house duty is it this week?” Tim asked me, wishing that it wasn’t our week to do duty.

Living with friends, we take turn in cleaning the house every week so that our house won’t become a total mess with 5 lazy people staying in it.

I do not mind mopping the floor but sweeping is the chores I hate most.

“Let get a vacuum cleaner”, I pleaded to them. It will be much easier and cleaner with a vacuum instead of sweeping it which makes my nose itchy with those dust flying around. With the powerful cleaner with consistent suction, house duty is not such a dreaded chore anymore. There are many models to choose from, from those for animal care to asthma and allergy to different floors type! !

Cant wait to get rid of my chores!


I can’t believe that it is August already! Less than half a year to go before we are done with this year. It just feels like yesterday when I made my new year resolution. And Adam made his; but I guess most has been forgotten.

The only thing that he does not forget is to improve his music studio including getting a pro dj. I don’t see the need of it but as usual he said he has good reasons for getting whatever equipment that he wants. Oh well, let’s not launch into another debate and focus on the rest of 5 months for this year.


Some people are just plain disgusting by throwing stuff to people house! When I was putting my clothes outside to dry the other day, it was night time and I noticed some bad smell. But I couldn’t see where was the source of the smell ..

Today I was drying my clothes again and I saw a plastic bag at our porch, which contained something but I couldn’t see what it was inside. But it smelt really bad! I nearly stepped on it and quickly washed my feet! Please stop throwing stuff in people house!!! >_<

What to buy

I have a friend who loves to collect antiques and luckily her husband likes the antique as well. Their latest addition is an antique sewing machine that he bought for her as Valentine’s present.Now that his birthday is coming, she decides to get him something special.

But she worries if he will actually like it as he sometimes has very high standard of taste; as he puts it. I think he is just a little weird at times!After browsing on the internet for ages, she ended up getting herself some nice katydid t-shirts instead of a present for him!

Fly Off

My parents were very eager to send me to the airport when I am flying off to tomorrow. And though I am reluctant as it would be very troublesome for them to travel from my hometown, I don’t know how to say no to them.

I think they are very worried about my safety to be travelling so far and it a new company. This makes me a little nervous and worry too and now I have very dark eyes circles.

Anyway, my brother would fetch them to send me off tomorrow and I could see them before flying off! :)


Movie Tickets

We won 5 complimentary movie tickets from a lucky draw when we had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market last December to celebrate Christmas and my birthday!

Thanks to Aidan that is always keen about contest and lucky draw! He actually asked the waiter for the information and fill it up. We suspected that almost no one else did that, thus we could win so easily. For me, I seldom join as I think the chances of winning are slim. Probably too many people are thinking like me, so people like Aidan could win easily!

So probably going to watch the movie before flying off on Sunday! :)


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