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One deed

After Adam had bought his new DLSR, he no longer use the memory card that his compact camers uses. And thus, he gave them all to me!

Now, I have 4 cards; two of them are of 2GB and another two are of 1GB! But 2GB is large enough for my usage during trips! I wish I can sell the rest of them but prices are so cheap now.

I ended up giving one to Michelle as she was going to buy one. Anyone else need them?

As a return, Michelle asked me if I want anything from musicianfriend.com; as she has friend who works there and might get some good discount. Oh, that’s sounds like a superb idea as I could get something for my friend birthday soon!

Old Friend

Heard a sad news from my old friend; that he got divorced with his wife. Actually I am sort of guessing that as from his last few family pictures in Facebook, I couldn’t spot her. I wondered what happened but he said it was long story and they however parted in good terms. He didn’t seem what to tell me more about it.

Anyway, his life has a good turning point now that he is starting a new business venture with a friend. He is always business minded, selling stuff online all these while. As he is into music, as I remembered the first Rolikeyboard he bought when we were housemate, he decided to grow into this area.

I wish him all the best, knowing that he would someday be successful. And hopefully find a wife that will grow old with him!


I’ve been thinking to pick up an instrument before, either a piano or guitar. It has been my dream since childhood to be able to play with the piano.

But owning a piano seems to be very expensive and not to mention space consuming. I can’t think of a good place to put the piano at my home. So the wiser choice will be learning the guitar, perhaps an acoustic quitter.

My friend offered to teach me and even promised to get me a guitar
once I purchase a guitar. Still thinking whether I will be good at it. Or will it returns it without ever learning it? Aha, sounds like me!

Green monster!

I woke up with tonnes of phlegm in my throat. And took more than an hour expelling them and the green monster is still there! It is what I hated most but it is always there when I am under the weather.

I am not defending! I’m still going to work as usual and going to research for a bach brass like in my plan for today. Yes, I am out looking for them for my nephew again. Or else they he will be pestering me non-stop like a green monster on coming weekend.

Let me win this battle!

Rewards for kid

All this while, I thought that guitar is expensive. But after browsing the website I think you can still find affordable but good quality guitar.

This is all due to my cousin who has asked my auntie to get him one if he gets good result in school. She was worried about the price as the inflation is really hitting the family. At the same times, she wants to make sure that he is rewarded for his effort and excel in study. If his results are not as good, maybe he will only get strings of a guitar!

Kids are really different nowadays; they want to be rewarded for doing well; unlike our generation in the past.


I have a friend who is very calculative. She makes sure that she gets the best deal in town and the best quality as well. She would even mind the few cents different and go for extra length for a little saving.

I think she is overdoing it and have too much emphasized on money. If it is a big saving, then it is alright but small little difference is not worth if it means to get out of your way.

Now that she wants to buy roland rt-10k, she ensure that she finds the lowest price deal and finally did after a week of research. Sometimes I really respect her patient for all of these.

Bad Sleep

Recently I kept waking up in the middle of the night. Yesterday night I woke up at 3.45pm and I had to go to the bathroom. And right after I did, I checked the time on my phone and I couldn’t sleep again. For the next hour. It is crazy!

My mind kept thinking about stuffs that happens for the day, things that I’ve planned to do or buy, like the hub. Or even things that I’ve seen on that day. For example the dresses that my friend showed to me earlier on today.


I wish that I could stop my mind from spinning non-stop and let me rest in peace at night.


If you go any shopping mall, you could see that sale is everywhere, at nearly every single shop. I pass by Tangs when I go to work everyday and I am so tempted to go in to shop, now that they are having up to 70% off for some of their products.

They have these fabulous bags displayed at the entrance. I have been wanting to get a bigger luggage bag but what stops me is if I really need them. Do I travel intensive enough to get a bigger one as my current luggage bag is in a pretty good condition!

Such tough decision.. Between want and need..


Growing up in a small village, I remembered we were close to another family’s children. They were about our age, maybe a couple of the kids were a few years younger but we get a long well.We used to go out and play every evening after school and when we were done with homework. as I was a clumsy girl.

The eldest of the kid was a girl of my age. She was a very talented kid and participated in many school curriculums. One of them was playing the guitar very well. It was unusual instrument for me back then and I was awed with her talent. She taught me how to protect your guitar

But I never got around learning how to play it with my lousy music talent, no matter how many free lessons she was giving me.

Brain & Skill

I read very interesting article about how our brain is divided into different section that controls different things; such a part that control the memory and another part that control the motor skill. For instance, even if an Alzheimer patient loses her memory, she could still eat and walk and perhaps drive. The different part of skill that the brain does not forget.

But I think for many skills like language or playing the guitar, one has to constantly play or practice them to be good at them. You can’t simply pick up a guitar after 10 years of not playing and expect to be playing smoothly again. Or maybe you could?

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