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Made Of Honor

I couldn’t wait to watch the movie Made of Honor due to Patrick Dempsey! I think he is simply so cute and he is one of my favorite in Grey Anatomy. McDreamy. *drool*

Being cheapskate, again I downloaded the movie instead of watching it at cinema. Well, economy is bad so need to save a little!

It was a good, hilarious movie! Though I find that Michelle Monaghan is not hot enough to be the star. Well, she is pretty but not good enough match for Patrick. Or so I felt. :P

Not as good as ‘My Best Friend’ wedding though which is my all time favorite!

Well, now let me continue with my McDreamy.. I mean Grey Anatomy.. :P

The Pursuit of Happyness

I simply downloaded the movie although it was shown in the cinema long time ago. After a week, I finally able to watch it yesterday night and this morning. It was a rather sad and moving movie about a father, Will Smith, trying to make a living for his family

But the wife couldn’t take anymore as she has to work 2 shifts and their condition never gotten any better. She left him with their five year old son.

He was trying to break away from poverty and it was sad to see him broke and have to live in the church and even in the street once as he couldn’t pay the rent.

However, he was a very hard working, intelligent man that never gives up! Much to learn from this sad movie. =)

Rate : 4 stars!

Movie Weekend!

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. With two movies. Yeah I did watch two movies at the cinema (Doraemon & Knocked Up) , 3 episodes of Grey Anatomy and a Korean movie on DVD, titled the 200 Pound Beauty.

It was a movie weekend I suppose. But pretty relaxing despite the hot weather. It was quiet, my 2 housemates were away to hometown. I rather like it though, not much noises until late of midnight. =P But tomorrow is Monday again… sucks..

Harry Potter

My colleague was really crazy about Harry Potter! When the last edition of the book came out, she was one of the first who get the book! And what’s more, she took 2 days of annual leave and spends a few days reading the book until the last page at home! Boy, isn’t she crazy about Harry Potter? 

Are you a Harry Potter freak too? Certainly not me! :D