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I always got tempted to buy stuffs that I don’t really need or don’t really like that much during shopping especially when the price is very cheap! Why not? So usually I would grabbed the stuff and paid for it. Only to be regretted for the purchase at the end of the day.


For example, I paid for quite a sum for a small leather handbag in Thailand as I thought that the price was very attractive. I couldn’t decide which one I really like and finally bought a purple one.


But after I came back I didn’t really like it. The only way to properly dispose it is through online auction, hoping someone would find the bag attractive and I could get my money back.


I shall think twice before grabbing cheap items in the future! Don’t give in to temptations!



The last time I met this ex-colleague was before I went to oversea! More than 4 months ago, when I was still deciding whether to join this company or not! We always have dinner together every now and then to catch up and update on each other lives, from relationship to family and work to what is a good mattress!

To me, she is a brave and strong lady that could deal with whatever obstacles that life put here through. With that, I draw strength from her and always try to learn from her.

Today we went for a simple dinner and it’s good to see her again. She is doing fine and as always, optimistic with her life although it isn’t sunny all the time! I wish she finds what she is looking for as she really deserves it! :)


We were discussing on the importance of having a health insurance with my housemates. Is it really important or do we buy to feel more secure and happier? One of my housemate buy it just for a sense of security, for the just-in-case time but he never really believe that it will happen. Its like backing up all your data from netbooks.

But I think getting a life insurance is essential especially after you start working. We do not know if we would get very sick as illness pop up unexpectedly and the last thing we want to worry about is a huge amount of medical fees to take care of. That is why I started to get my very own life insurance right after I started to work.


 Actually I am a little worried that I’ll be home alone when the Telekom guys come to install the fixed line as I’ll be home alone. Well, you can never to be too trustful to the stranger, can we? Especially in our society that is full of crimes!!!

And I suddenly remember of my mother’s advice when I was young. Never let stranger knows that you are home alone even if you really are!

So, what you do? Wear urban clothes and fake that you are not alone. Pretend that somebody is at home, in the room or upstair. Talk to phantom-people-in-your-house when the stranger is around. Or switch on the radio or TV in another room. This way, the stranger will think that somebody else is in the house and would be not so daring to do anything!

My mother is a smart woman, isn’t she?!?


In my previous company, they gave us a medical card and even insurance and we do not to worry a thing! But in this new company of mine, we are totally not covered at all! This makes me rather worried as if anything is to happen to me, I would not be covered at all.

I am thinking of getting my own insurance but it must be an affordable one as I do not want to spend too much on insurance.My friend told me about the health savings account which also provides the best coverage one can count on!

It is about time to get my own insurance!


I used to collect all the letters that was posted to my company from the mailbox at the ground floor of the office building. I was given and key and every morning, I would check if there is any new letters for us. Usually there’s a lot of sale and promotion brochures, which is sort of my favourites!

I could also see other companies’ letter if the postman didn’t put the letter properly in their mailboxes. People could just easily retrieve others’ letter without having to open with a key. I think the building management should install a better and quality mailboxes that are tamper resistant and better looking than these!

To Buy

I have some orders on what to buy in US for some friends; from fragance to gadget to Rocky Patel cigar. But I am not so sure what to buy for myself except for Levi’s Jeans.

The weather would be nice, so I don’t expect much clothing and I am not crazy about electrical stuffs as well.But I am eyeing for some cosmetic set from Benefit from San Francisco.

The products are sold at 50% higher price here when I last checked it out in KLCC.Hoping to get a set of “realness of concealness” at USD30! Looks good! Hope I can find it there at cheaper price. :)



We are getting a car when we reach SF! My company will rent a car, standard size for our 3 weeks there. Since they are 3 of us, I hope I don’t have to be the one that does the driving! The guy is quite familiar and has been in US for 9 years and he has volunteered to be the primary driver.

But we have to pay for the gas using our minimal allowance! Ouch!We have to cook for some meals or else the allowance wouldn’t be enough! And I am expecting to cover some expenses using my own pocket money as well!
Hopefully it’s worth it!



Work From Home

I am working from home today, so excited! It is my first time and I hope I will do it well. The service provider staffs are coming to install the fixed line in my home and well, someone has to be home when they are here.

Since it is for company usage, my director lets me to work from home. But in the future, I’ll be doing support from home as well; all I need are the a href=”http://www.buy.com/cat/netbooks/66726.html”>netbooks. So I am really looking to work from home more frequently. Save 1hour and 15 minutes daily from commuting to work and more time in the morning to prepare myself!

work from home



Since two years ago, I am so tempted to go for a  proper facial every month or periodically but till now I have not make any effort to go to the beauty salon! My friend recommended me a good salon that she frequented with excellent price for first trial and skin id but I have delayed it again and again.

I am not sure if the offer for first trial still exist or not. When I met my friend over lunch last Friday, she asked me if I have tried the facial! What an embarrassment to let her know that I have yet to do any facial for years!

Geez, I think it is time to hit the salon and get a proper cleansing and treatment for my face!

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