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I went to the Matta Fair in early Sept, all alone, with the objective to buy a Bali ground package since I already have flight tickets for April next year. Yeah, it’s a little long way to go and I should have been looking for March Matta Fair.

Somehow, I was rather excited to go this time. And yeah, I got more than what I bargained for! I couldn’t help but to buy the Go Go Combo from Hwa Jing Tour & Travels that offer 3 countries ground package in a very attractive price.

First was Bangkok 3D2N free and easy and second being Bali 3D2N free and easy. And the last package was full tour to Hangzhou/Shanghai for 5 days!

And so my travel trips for next year are sort of taken care of! =)


Emails Spam!

Each and every single email accounts in our company is spammed and I regularly received emails with virus attachment! It’s time to change our email exchange hosting as the one we are using are too unreliable and with many unwanted issues. 

My friend is recommending a email server which could effectively eliminate and reduce our problems such as protecting against annoying spam as well as providing a secure email channel. With its powerful performance, integrated security and unlimited storage, we would not have to worry about all the email issues we have been facing all these while.

I hope we could switch to their email services as soon as possible. But it is so much hassles. I wish I could find time to do all this stuff.


“Whose house duty is it this week?” Tim asked me, wishing that it wasn’t our week to do duty.

Living with friends, we take turn in cleaning the house every week so that our house won’t become a total mess with 5 lazy people staying in it.

I do not mind mopping the floor but sweeping is the chores I hate most.

“Let get a vacuum cleaner”, I pleaded to them. It will be much easier and cleaner with a vacuum instead of sweeping it which makes my nose itchy with those dust flying around. With the powerful cleaner with consistent suction, house duty is not such a dreaded chore anymore. There are many models to choose from, from those for animal care to asthma and allergy to different floors type! !

Cant wait to get rid of my chores!


There was once I love writing diary in Microsoft Word, I want to practise my typing, you see. So instead of writing in normal diary book, I did it in Word. But to prevent others from peeking to my diary, I set a password to the document.

But after some time, I stopped writing in it but I still have the file.

One fine day, I decided to read my old diary again but hey, what’s the password!

I cannot remember it and I have tried using all the passwords that I normally used. It wouldn’t work!



Dentist On Holiday

My dentist said he’ll be away for 10 days starting from 18th of Sept. I wondered where he went and out of curiosity I asked if he is going back to his hometown at Hatyai. He said no! He is going for a vacation and asked me to guess where he is going. I guessed many common travel places and he added that I won’t be able to guess where he is going for holiday!

Indeed I couldn’t guess! He is going to Middle East, Turkey!!! I have never heard of any of my friends going there and what a surprise. I hope he enjoys this holiday with his family as he really deserve it, working 7 days a week!



For Julia upcoming birthday, instead of sending her flowers to her office, I decided that we should all meet up and have dinner with her. It is hard to summon these girls for gathering as they have a pretty hectic and busy life.

And maybe we could share the blackberry playbook accessories which I ordered online for her last week as a present instead!

The dinner is 3 days away from today. I hope all of them will turn up this time and no last minute emergency. It is hard to get all of them together and we really could use some time for update and chit-chat!

Cool Bike

I saw my friend bought a new toy; a brand new, cool bike! It is sea blue in color and I think it look so pretty! Actually it is a gift from her dear husband as he is encouraging her to exercise. She even got one of those nice yakima bike racks and it look pretty cool too.

Adam has been talking about getting a bike as well. But I think he is more into the idea of owning one cool bike instead of riding it regularly. I bet his excitement won’t last long if we do get a bike. Well, just look at the badminton racquets. I think so far we only play four times! 



After Hour activities

Buzz me when you are free; my friend told me over the Yahoo messenger.

It seems that she is pretty free at work and at home as well! Sometimes I wish I am like her; having all the time at work and at home but my days has been very occupied!

She is thinking to take up some lessons after work with too many free hours on hand. Guess what she suggested at first? Flowers arrangement! The thought of that makes me feel sleepy already.

Why not taking something more beneficial for the future; a course at online university or maybe even some baking or cooking class. At least someone will be benefitted with a cake or good food.


This Christmas has been good. There is no snow, unlike Europe which is covered with snow! Loads of them; all over the place. I have never really live in a place with snow so I don’t really know how it feels. But I guess, it could be quite difficult too.

Well, back to Christmas! I’ve gotten myself something that I always like. Holiday cards! Gateway for relaxation and indulgence and discovery! At least for me. I couldn’t quite understand people who doesn’t likes to travel. What is so interesting by being at home all the time.

Anyway, happy belated Christmas!

Part 1 : The Coconut

Last weekend at the night market, I saw a stall selling young coconut and it looked like it is ready to eat as it was ‘shaved’. And I bought one as I felt a little bodily heaty latey. I’ve also read that coconut can help you lose weight and it is better than most effective weight loss pills.

However, I forgot to eat them until exactly a week after that and remembering the seller said that it must be consumed within a week; I quickly took it out from the fridge. I saw a white spot and tried to poke my straw into it.

But geez, it was a hard shell! Upon further observation, I realised that there wasn’t opening at all! I took out my only knife and began to saw it but it was a futile attempt. I believe my knife was getting blunt from sawing the hard coconut shell!

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